Steven Meesham, the unanswered questions?

by analiensaturn

Now I know a character assassination campaign when I see one > and I believe this is one. It takes no account of the damage done to the abused and how they can react to it. The very fact it was that bad behavior by Mr Meesham then that was used not to test his evidence is questionable to say the least, but we are now more enlightened? Let me tell you something else too, lawyers are bunch of pot pissers and easily got at by the powerful. There are some good ones but most of them would “toe the line”, wouldn’t you brothers.

But laying all of that to one side for now. I put a few questions to Mr Meesham I have not had a reply to, in fact he has not responded to me at all. So I will put them here again. Mr Meesham I take it as fact that you know the face of your abuser, this fact is based on my assumption you were abused. That being the case one of three things must follow. One, the photograph you were shown by North Wales police and told by them it was Lord McAlpine was indeed him? Or two, the picture was of another person they wanted you to believe was Lord McAlpine? Three, the picture was of someone who closely resembles Lord McAlpine and the police officer was mistaken telling you it was Lord McAlpine? In the years since the alleged abuse the internet has come to be. I assume you to use it. I would find it hard to accept that in those years that have passed you have not Googled the name of your abuser, which would have given you the opportunity to see the Face of Lord McAlpine, and for you to then know he was not the man who abused you? These are pretty straight forward questions, would you please answer them?