the daily planet,

Month: January, 2013

The Hidden Scam

I met a guy in Southport, his dad was a banker. But he is as crazy as batshit, very funny with it but you wouldn’t want him living with you. His family learnt that years ago and he now lives in my mates static on his land up there. His dad still looks out for him with a minimum amount of money, not too much as he’d just drink himself to death. But anyway he is one of the victims of ATOS so his dad, being a banker set him up with a scam own business, this gets him a benefit payment of about 126 and all he has to do is send in his replicated every week account showing his company earned zilch. This is something I have found is being done a lot and its a good way for the Tories to fake the unemployed figures, lowlife lying bastards that they are, but hey they are politicians so its expected.The best part is the Tories are well aware this is going on because they set it up.


Earth Shift

The Earth travels around the sun at a tilt of 23 degrees, or at least it used to. But since we have had all this bad wrong weather it seems it has changed. For two years now we have been told by weather scientists that the jet stream is too far south in summer and too far north in winter. But no one has given an explanation why its out so much A simple reason for it would be the p[planet has tilted more or less and is facing the sun at a different angle, this would make the jet stream reposition itself and consequently give us the weather we are getting, just a thought 🙂