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Month: February, 2013

The Edge of Armageddon

Bit of a grim title that but it means exactly what it says. Today Russian and China both stated in no uncertain terms they will not allow any military move on North Korea. This is in response to the United States swinging in with Japan and hidden behind the scenes Taiwan to begin war games in March that will last for two months. Two months? Are they fucking serious? This is an outright provocation to North Korea who are itching for a fight and also to wipe as many Americans out as possible. They also have the nuclear capability to do it. No war game or drills have ever gone on for two months. Russia and China ,including North Korea are well aware of this. North Korea has stated it will attack without mercy, a hint of a nuke.
No doubt the US will respond with nukes of its own and we know what that will lead to. These coming months could easily be the last on Earth for many people, in fact the probability of it is as good as it gets in betting odds, not that any bookie will take them, and trust me I tried, silly of them really as they’d never have to pay out. The name of the joint US South Korean operation is “Foal Eagle”. A foal is a baby horse so it could mean young eagle . But the bottom line is it has more to do with pointing a loaded gun at Russia and China, incidentally that’s the white code for DEFCOM 1.The U.S. is deploying missile defence systems in Taiwan, Japan, Okinawa, South Korea and on Navy Aegis Destroyers around the coast of mainland China. The US has also been deploying them around Poland and Turkey and the Black sea the Baltic and the Barents Sea. Its a full encirclement that both Russia and China have now drawn a red line on. At the same time the US have had the top secret black op space plane the X37B up for a year spying on all Russian and Chinese satellites, the capability to knock them out would all blind them to a first strike assault.
All you’ve had here is the msm waffling on about the usual bread and circus shit while the very real danger of a nuclear strike if it kicks off on London is not only possible but highly likely given the way Putin was treated and with their fawning cooperation with the US, who incidentally don’t give a rats arse if London is obliterated or not, its just another demilitarized zone to them and its sacrifice will be the equivalent of a pawn being lost to save a knight, The US has already computer simulated all of this already and the end result was its doable. Make no mistake if everything keeps going ahead the way it is now by the end of March it will be the end of the fuse and you can probably kiss your arse goodbye. The rest will wish they had been vaporised. Good luck, you’re going to need it.


NHS V Private

I’m an NHS patient but I was sent today to a private hospital, in fact I wasn’t the only one, there where about 6 others there too. Anyway always a defender of the NHS I was very surprised about the treatment there. What can I say except it was wonderful. No waiting about when I got there at 28 minutes past 11, I was called at exactly 11:30, my appointed time. Taken to a private room, they insisted on carrying my bag. A private room with a view of a lake, a television, a fully remote controlled bed and chair,own bathroom with wet-room shower, toilet and washbasin, wardrobe, dressing table and telephone. operation went off to a T. Then sandwiches and a pot of tea after. I could get used to this. It was not only faultless, well there was one fault, the nurses there took a pay cut to get the job, because of NHS politics and too many managers. This I discussed with them, but still they where happier to be there than in the NHS. But they said they loved the NHS, if it could be the way Bevan made it. I too agree with them on that point. But I have no doubt the sneaking privatisation of the NHS will be par excellence, until they have it in the bag, then it will go the way of the NHS

Drugged R Us

In two years or so we have had MP’s fiddling expenses, including the PM. But it never provoked the population into revolution, it didn’t even provoke an angry response in any meaningful way. It must have given a green light to the honorable crew when the stupid people voted the same thieves back into power, and yes stupid people is what they think of you.

Then once they got back into illegal power via a coup it still never made the people say “hold on, what’s going on here then?” No they just sat back and watched x factor. Why did they need to worry, good ole Nick Clegg had promised not to increase education fees and Dazzling Dave even signed a manifesto and promised in cast iron, not to mention not touching the NHS, it was a good time to sleep.

Then is happened,up went the fees, out came the kids, but all that happened was black bloc started fires and looting took over, while the parental voters condemned it all the politicians used it to take ever more harsher revenge, while the bankers stripped everyone of every single asset of any value at all and where cheered on by the very politicians who had been financed and bankrolled into power by them,the  loot was split. But still the population watched x factor.

It was all a case now of if it happened to them they must have deserved it. The Daily Incite told them what to think and who to hate, all funded by the coupolition , while the TV glared at them with its flat plastic eye and spitting its own venom they mistook for entertainment. And all hail the Mail, the couolition voters mooed as it let them chew the cud of commenting. it was a good time to have opinions.

“This is great” the evil bastards said. “We seem to be able to do what the fuck we like, its great, lets rob that bastard Gaddafi of his gold”. And so they did, with the help of the rest of NATO, France got the water. The US got the weapons into Syria and the mob got its gold. But still the people did nothing, it was a good time for the circus owners.

The the horrors of Savile raping dying children came to light. and still they sat there more dead than any corpse Savile nonced, even the mental image of uncle Jim fixing it with the dead never provoked a reaction. Then the abused came forward with horror stories of evil mansions and Lords abusing little boys, even when it was told to them they where the most vulnerable of children, those in their own care, which state children are, they did nothing. The people did zilch. Nothing moved them, even an MP saying there where paedophiles in the office of the PM did not move them. Still they gazed into Britain’s got talent. It was a good time for paedophiles.

 Then the machines of war moved into position, the storm clouds gathered and the horizon grew dark, it was like the lights dimming in the cinema to them, a new show to sit and watch, and they just carried on and did nothing while never understanding today is as good day to die.

The Theory of Revolution, Making Unnecessary Enemies

I know everyone hates the cops. I’ve had reason to hate them myself. But when it comes to a situation we have now of an establishment of control freaks suspected of child abuse and covering it up we have to consider the position they would take if it ever got to the stage we have to remove the government by force, and its beginning to look like that day will have to come. I feel sorry for the cops in a way as they are in a default position of acting on the basis of what is legal and what isn’t. Slowly but surely the news is spreading via social media that we cannot trust the government to act in our interest, they have been caught fiddling expenses, covering up their misdeeds with whitewash inquiries, making thousands of new oppressive laws and even going to the point of acting like Mengele in Nazi Germany with the sick and disabled, the deaths resulted may not have motive of intent but the action of the state caused them without a doubt. And also at the same time selling off the very care systems fought for by a generation who gave their lives for it. And all to profit themselves and their financial backers, a corrupt elite clique, we all know who I mean. But back to the cops.

   The cops will be the first line of defense used by the elite to protect themselves. But its becoming clear from many cops tweeting that they too see the state as a corrupt well established bunch of self serving skunks who have depleted police numbers to try to get themselves a personal private police force answerable only to them. So I say don’t make enemies of the cops. Educate the rest of the cops about the corruption, they too are like the sheeple when it comes to this knowledge. And think about this, in every other peaceful revolution the cops stood aside and watched, for instance

Nothing would please me more than for the government to get back to doing what it should be doing, representing the interests of all of the people, not just its favored bought off clique and corporate funders. This is not an incitement to revolt its a caution not to harm some who like you have wives and children waiting for them to come home every evening.Violence cause division and that’s the states game, don’t play it.