The Theory of Revolution, Making Unnecessary Enemies

by analiensaturn

I know everyone hates the cops. I’ve had reason to hate them myself. But when it comes to a situation we have now of an establishment of control freaks suspected of child abuse and covering it up we have to consider the position they would take if it ever got to the stage we have to remove the government by force, and its beginning to look like that day will have to come. I feel sorry for the cops in a way as they are in a default position of acting on the basis of what is legal and what isn’t. Slowly but surely the news is spreading via social media that we cannot trust the government to act in our interest, they have been caught fiddling expenses, covering up their misdeeds with whitewash inquiries, making thousands of new oppressive laws and even going to the point of acting like Mengele in Nazi Germany with the sick and disabled, the deaths resulted may not have motive of intent but the action of the state caused them without a doubt. And also at the same time selling off the very care systems fought for by a generation who gave their lives for it. And all to profit themselves and their financial backers, a corrupt elite clique, we all know who I mean. But back to the cops.

   The cops will be the first line of defense used by the elite to protect themselves. But its becoming clear from many cops tweeting that they too see the state as a corrupt well established bunch of self serving skunks who have depleted police numbers to try to get themselves a personal private police force answerable only to them. So I say don’t make enemies of the cops. Educate the rest of the cops about the corruption, they too are like the sheeple when it comes to this knowledge. And think about this, in every other peaceful revolution the cops stood aside and watched, for instance

Nothing would please me more than for the government to get back to doing what it should be doing, representing the interests of all of the people, not just its favored bought off clique and corporate funders. This is not an incitement to revolt its a caution not to harm some who like you have wives and children waiting for them to come home every evening.Violence cause division and that’s the states game, don’t play it.