Drugged R Us

by analiensaturn

In two years or so we have had MP’s fiddling expenses, including the PM. But it never provoked the population into revolution, it didn’t even provoke an angry response in any meaningful way. It must have given a green light to the honorable crew when the stupid people voted the same thieves back into power, and yes stupid people is what they think of you.

Then once they got back into illegal power via a coup it still never made the people say “hold on, what’s going on here then?” No they just sat back and watched x factor. Why did they need to worry, good ole Nick Clegg had promised not to increase education fees and Dazzling Dave even signed a manifesto and promised in cast iron, not to mention not touching the NHS, it was a good time to sleep.

Then is happened,up went the fees, out came the kids, but all that happened was black bloc started fires and looting took over, while the parental voters condemned it all the politicians used it to take ever more harsher revenge, while the bankers stripped everyone of every single asset of any value at all and where cheered on by the very politicians who had been financed and bankrolled into power by them,the  loot was split. But still the population watched x factor.

It was all a case now of if it happened to them they must have deserved it. The Daily Incite told them what to think and who to hate, all funded by the coupolition , while the TV glared at them with its flat plastic eye and spitting its own venom they mistook for entertainment. And all hail the Mail, the couolition voters mooed as it let them chew the cud of commenting. it was a good time to have opinions.

“This is great” the evil bastards said. “We seem to be able to do what the fuck we like, its great, lets rob that bastard Gaddafi of his gold”. And so they did, with the help of the rest of NATO, France got the water. The US got the weapons into Syria and the mob got its gold. But still the people did nothing, it was a good time for the circus owners.

The the horrors of Savile raping dying children came to light. and still they sat there more dead than any corpse Savile nonced, even the mental image of uncle Jim fixing it with the dead never provoked a reaction. Then the abused came forward with horror stories of evil mansions and Lords abusing little boys, even when it was told to them they where the most vulnerable of children, those in their own care, which state children are, they did nothing. The people did zilch. Nothing moved them, even an MP saying there where paedophiles in the office of the PM did not move them. Still they gazed into Britain’s got talent. It was a good time for paedophiles.

 Then the machines of war moved into position, the storm clouds gathered and the horizon grew dark, it was like the lights dimming in the cinema to them, a new show to sit and watch, and they just carried on and did nothing while never understanding today is as good day to die.