NHS V Private

by analiensaturn

I’m an NHS patient but I was sent today to a private hospital, in fact I wasn’t the only one, there where about 6 others there too. Anyway always a defender of the NHS I was very surprised about the treatment there. What can I say except it was wonderful. No waiting about when I got there at 28 minutes past 11, I was called at exactly 11:30, my appointed time. Taken to a private room, they insisted on carrying my bag. A private room with a view of a lake, a television, a fully remote controlled bed and chair,own bathroom with wet-room shower, toilet and washbasin, wardrobe, dressing table and telephone. operation went off to a T. Then sandwiches and a pot of tea after. I could get used to this. It was not only faultless, well there was one fault, the nurses there took a pay cut to get the job, because of NHS politics and too many managers. This I discussed with them, but still they where happier to be there than in the NHS. But they said they loved the NHS, if it could be the way Bevan made it. I too agree with them on that point. But I have no doubt the sneaking privatisation of the NHS will be par excellence, until they have it in the bag, then it will go the way of the NHS