The Edge of Armageddon

by analiensaturn

Bit of a grim title that but it means exactly what it says. Today Russian and China both stated in no uncertain terms they will not allow any military move on North Korea. This is in response to the United States swinging in with Japan and hidden behind the scenes Taiwan to begin war games in March that will last for two months. Two months? Are they fucking serious? This is an outright provocation to North Korea who are itching for a fight and also to wipe as many Americans out as possible. They also have the nuclear capability to do it. No war game or drills have ever gone on for two months. Russia and China ,including North Korea are well aware of this. North Korea has stated it will attack without mercy, a hint of a nuke.
No doubt the US will respond with nukes of its own and we know what that will lead to. These coming months could easily be the last on Earth for many people, in fact the probability of it is as good as it gets in betting odds, not that any bookie will take them, and trust me I tried, silly of them really as they’d never have to pay out. The name of the joint US South Korean operation is “Foal Eagle”. A foal is a baby horse so it could mean young eagle . But the bottom line is it has more to do with pointing a loaded gun at Russia and China, incidentally that’s the white code for DEFCOM 1.The U.S. is deploying missile defence systems in Taiwan, Japan, Okinawa, South Korea and on Navy Aegis Destroyers around the coast of mainland China. The US has also been deploying them around Poland and Turkey and the Black sea the Baltic and the Barents Sea. Its a full encirclement that both Russia and China have now drawn a red line on. At the same time the US have had the top secret black op space plane the X37B up for a year spying on all Russian and Chinese satellites, the capability to knock them out would all blind them to a first strike assault.
All you’ve had here is the msm waffling on about the usual bread and circus shit while the very real danger of a nuclear strike if it kicks off on London is not only possible but highly likely given the way Putin was treated and with their fawning cooperation with the US, who incidentally don’t give a rats arse if London is obliterated or not, its just another demilitarized zone to them and its sacrifice will be the equivalent of a pawn being lost to save a knight, The US has already computer simulated all of this already and the end result was its doable. Make no mistake if everything keeps going ahead the way it is now by the end of March it will be the end of the fuse and you can probably kiss your arse goodbye. The rest will wish they had been vaporised. Good luck, you’re going to need it.