Democracy, or your rights to fuck all

by analiensaturn


If you’re not already well aware that the so called elected government is an unelected coup then you’re one of the sheeple. But the fact you’re here reading this means there’s hope for you yet. It was this very unelection that proves the title of this article, “Democracy, or your rights to fuck all”. It proves that democracy is an illusion, a very well enacted illusion but an illusion all the same. Once upon a time long ago there here clubs for working people, some Labour, some Liberal and some Conservative. Members of the various parties would join these clubs and they would be used to select local candidates to stand in elections, both local and national. It was a way of having someone from the community that everyone knew. Then these clubs all began to close down. It was said membership fell and costs could not be met. Maybe that was so but whatever close they did. from that point no one in the local communities could select who they wanted to stand for them in an election. The “Party” had decided they would do that for them, and like the poor old sheep they where they let them do it. It went on for years and years and years. Until one day every one noticed the same MP was getting in no matter who they voted for. Did they come out on the streets in outrage, well for a bit they did. But the parties, who had merged as one with different names made new laws to stop them protesting, and if they did they had their new militarized police film them for “a visit later”. Pretty soon protest fell by the side of the road. people just stopped bothering to vote, which suited the “PARTY” as they now just went through the motions of elections and voted themselves back in and created even more new laws to consolidate their positions. They must have felt like Gods as they began to dabble in occult practices and demanded people change their sexuality.

to be continued.