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Month: May, 2013

Cuts R Us

Another round of cuts announced today but not for the Governments money laundering service “Foreign Aid”. We all know very little of the money allocated ever gets to those who it was intended for, it mostly ends up as 4×4’s for tyrants and their entourages, some even for Lear jets. Government after government have been aware of this and the main stream media have made it news many times. So why do they keep giving it?

As far as I’m concerned its a money laundering service, donations are made and the fiddling twats here get a cut from it put in a numbered account. It definitely doesn’t get to the poor and starving, those desperate for clean drinking water. If it did then by now we wouldn’t have a constant barrage of non governmental organisations running adverts with a whining violin begging for us to send them £2 for poor Emily or George, with the overbearing slant that if you don’t you are an utter selfish uncaring cunt. Bum bum bum went the drum. I’m numb to it now, I don’t know about you.

 Have a nice day



I’m putting this here so its all in one place rather than lines of 140 on twitter.

A lot of people in the United States are being foreclosed on. Some are even getting notices giving them as soon as 10 days to vacate, we’re talking about families here with children, some very young. Obviously some will go to see attorney’s to get help. These attorney’s can submit a document, it doesn’t matter what document as there are many. This document can put their foreclosure to the bottom of the pile for as long as 5 years, even 7 to 8 in some cases. While this happens no mortgage or property tax needs to be paid, this gives ample time to save enough to buy or rent elsewhere if eventually foreclosure commits. But, and this is the big but, What most of them won’t tell you, and they are not allowed to advertise it, is there is another action they can take called a “Quiet Title Action”. Some won’t tell you because during the 5 to 8 year period of keeping you at the bottom of the foreclosure committal they are earning $7000 a year retainers, but some lawyers are sharks so no surprises there. Banks hate quiet actions, so without further ado go here and begin your quest to get your mortgage cancelled and wiped out. Good luck.

Give Us The Fucking Money

This will be short and to the point. When you all took out loans and were mis-sold payment insurance, there was an investigation and eventually the greedy banks where forced to pay you back, everyone is no doubt aware of fucking PPI telephone calls. Right that said lets move onto why I put that down first.

   Big oil has been robbing all of us for more than a decade by fixing fuel prices. So why should they get away with it when the bankers had to pay up? OK so no one can prove how much they where over charged, well some probably can, others will lie and say it was more than they would be entitled to. So a one off across the board same payment to everyone needs to be agreed and they are forced to pay it to each and every one of us or go to jail. Simple as that.  Now Cameron get up off your arse and sort it.