by analiensaturn

I’m putting this here so its all in one place rather than lines of 140 on twitter.

A lot of people in the United States are being foreclosed on. Some are even getting notices giving them as soon as 10 days to vacate, we’re talking about families here with children, some very young. Obviously some will go to see attorney’s to get help. These attorney’s can submit a document, it doesn’t matter what document as there are many. This document can put their foreclosure to the bottom of the pile for as long as 5 years, even 7 to 8 in some cases. While this happens no mortgage or property tax needs to be paid, this gives ample time to save enough to buy or rent elsewhere if eventually foreclosure commits. But, and this is the big but, What most of them won’t tell you, and they are not allowed to advertise it, is there is another action they can take called a “Quiet Title Action”. Some won’t tell you because during the 5 to 8 year period of keeping you at the bottom of the foreclosure committal they are earning $7000 a year retainers, but some lawyers are sharks so no surprises there. Banks hate quiet actions, so without further ado go here and begin your quest to get your mortgage cancelled and wiped out. Good luck.