Cuts R Us

by analiensaturn

Another round of cuts announced today but not for the Governments money laundering service “Foreign Aid”. We all know very little of the money allocated ever gets to those who it was intended for, it mostly ends up as 4×4’s for tyrants and their entourages, some even for Lear jets. Government after government have been aware of this and the main stream media have made it news many times. So why do they keep giving it?

As far as I’m concerned its a money laundering service, donations are made and the fiddling twats here get a cut from it put in a numbered account. It definitely doesn’t get to the poor and starving, those desperate for clean drinking water. If it did then by now we wouldn’t have a constant barrage of non governmental organisations running adverts with a whining violin begging for us to send them £2 for poor Emily or George, with the overbearing slant that if you don’t you are an utter selfish uncaring cunt. Bum bum bum went the drum. I’m numb to it now, I don’t know about you.

 Have a nice day