Neutralising your gas and electric bill

by analiensaturn

You may have seen two guys on YouTube this past month sitting in a car calling National grid.  They are asking them who owns the gas they transport through their pipes. Oddly National grid can’t answer specifically who owns what actually arrives at their homes. On that basis these two are under the misconception they can get their gas free. They believe this because National grid lease the meter from Siemens. And you can lawfully have your own meter installed. They believe once done you can tell National grid as you have no idea who owns it you can’t bill me. They are wrong but I won’t go into that yet.

What they are missing is you can install your own meter with two provisions. One its done by a registered gas fitter. And two it’s billing compliant. How does this help me I hear you say?

Because once you install the device that measures the amount of gas for billing purposes you will be supplying a service. And like any service you can bill for it. Once you install your own meter you send National grid a contract stating your service and that it is conditional for their access as well as billing and first access after notification is agreement to contract, I know using their own shifty tactics against them.

Remember no one gets something for nothing. So don’t bill them an amount that cancels out your bill and gets you out on a weekend bender. It’s also unfair advantage and a no no in contract law. Say your monthly bill is £250. Then bill your transport measurement service at £150. Youll still have to hand over £250 but £150 of it will be what they paid you for your legitimate service. Your contract also states the usual ability to increase at times. Read theirs you’ll get the idea. I’ve just spent a week with someone who has been doing it for 6 yrs. I’m not even supposed to blab but I’m keeping his name out. Enjoy.